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Stories from Our Partners – Family Resource Services


In Lonoke, Arkansas, Family Resource Services provides critical support to those facing food insecurity in the community. Our neighbors there have relied on their services to get them through very tough times and, as a TEFAP agency, the consistent source of nourishment during trying times has been a blessing. Some neighbors shared their stories at a recent distribution:

Moniesha is a single mom with 3 kids in high school, and she’s currently unemployed. She said, “In times like this, food is a major hurdle. For kids to go through being hangry along with everything else in the world, it’s just not something they should have to battle. This distribution has truly been a blessing to my family and I’m sure it’s been a blessing to many others.”

Jennifer was injured at work 4 years ago and went from managing a retail store to having nothing. She said, “I’ve never had to ask for help; I’ve worked all my life. After my injury, we had nothing. If it weren’t for TEFAP, my family would have starved to death. We went to the church and had no food, no electricity, and the church and the community rallied around us to help. Even with COVID, they told us to still come. They said, “We’ll still feed you, even though there’s a disease out there.” The farmers would bring corn, and I would wait up at the church and was so excited to get corn on the cob. God bless this program. Please keep feeding our kids.”

Sandy is on a fixed income, and with the prices of food and gas going up, TEFAP has been a huge help to her. She said, “Without the Foodbank, some weeks, I don’t know what I’d do. This has been a big help to me.”

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