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Kitchen Timesavers

There are countless things in life that are valuable, including work, family, health, possessions, etc. However, with only 1440 minutes in the day, it could be argued that time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever have.

Preparing a healthful meal for yourself or your family during a busy work week means scheduling time out of your already packed day to do so. Some Americans choose to cut back on time spent in the kitchen by taking the easy but generally unhealthy way out by selecting quickly made meals with minimal nutrients.

By using the following tips as a guide, individuals can cut back on time spent in the kitchen but still provide healthy and delicious, cost efficient meals. As a result of taking the stress and hassle out of cooking, you’ll have more time to enjoy it and to spend time with loved ones.

Kitchen timesavers developed by Choose MyPlate:

  1. Keep frequently used items such as cooking oils/sprays, spatulas, cutting boards, and spices within easy reach. This will save you from having to search for them later.
  2. Before you start cooking, clear off your counters. This allows more room for prep space.
  3. When chopping up veggies for a meal, chop more than you need. Take the extra, place in a reusable container and freeze. Then next time you need it, you can skip a step.
  4. Grab all ingredients needed for your meal – chopped vegetables, measured spices, and thawed meats. It will be easier to spot missing items and avoid skipping steps.
  5. For your next casserole or stew, try doubling the recipe and freezing the extra. You’ll save time and make cooking next week’s dinner a snap!
  6. Fill up the sink with soapy water and wash the dishes as you cook. It’ll make clean up go much smoother!
  7. Freeze leftover soups, sauces, or gravies in small reusable containers.

Source: “Kitchen Timesavers.” Choose MyPlate, 19 Apr. 2017,

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