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Hunger Action Month – Facing Hunger Together


September is Hunger Action Month.  This is a nationwide campaign among Feeding America’s national network of food banks to raise awareness and fight hunger.

1 in 5 Arkansans are facing hunger.  A statistic that shapes and drives our mission of fighting hunger.  Throughout the month of September we will introduce you to the face of hunger: the grandmother raising her 5 grandkids, the disabled Vet, the child who survived the summer without free lunches, the family stretched too thin.

The faces of hunger in our communities are diverse and cover a myriad of situations.  People who have stood in the gap for loved ones, who have faced homelessness, loss of job, loss of spouse, battling cancer and on and on the list goes.  The faces are all unique as are the stories, but the thing that unifies them-they are in need.  Need of help, need of food, need of encouragement and most of all hope.  Hope that while life has beat them up there are better days ahead.

We invite you to help extend that hope with us as we face hunger together.  When we work together no one has to wonder if they will have food to eat and our communities grow a little brighter and sweeter because of it.

Click here to view our calendar of events.  There are many opportunities for you to face hunger with us this September.  For more information including a detailed list of activities click here.

Advocate. Educate. Volunteer. Donate. Everyone has a role to play in fighting hunger. Take action today!



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