The Arkansas Foodbank provides the most nutritious food through the most cost effective, efficient means possible for hungry Arkansans in our service area. We uphold our mission with the trust of our staff, board, donors, volunteers, recipients and partners. Because we receive strong support from donors in the community and the food industry, the Foodbank keeps administrative costs low—less than 4 cents on the dollar—and impact high. So 96 cents of every dollar donated to the Foodbank goes directly into our hunger-relief programming, including food acquisition.


2020 Annual Report
2020 Audit Report
2020 IRS Form 990 (coming soon)
The Arkansas Foodbank will not trade or sell personal donor information from donations made whether online, in person or any other method. View our privacy policy.


2019 Annual Report
2019 Audit Report
2019 IRS Form 990


2018 Annual Report
2018 Audit Report
2018 IRS Form 990


2017 Annual Report
2017 Audit Report
2017 IRS Form 990


2016 Annual Report
2016 Audit Report
2016 IRS Form 990

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